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About me

I am post-doctoral researcher and lead the Programming-Language Theory and Engineering subgroup of the Software Technology Group at TU Darmstadt.

  • 2012–now, TU Darmstadt, post-doctoral researcher with Mira Mezini
  • 2009–2012, University of Marburg, PhD student, advised by Klaus Ostermann
  • 2008–2009, BRICS, Aarhus University, PhD student, master's degree
  • 2004–2008, TU Darmstadt, bachelor's degree

I am the lead developer of the extensible programming language SugarJ, which allows programmers to flexibly integrate new syntax, static analyses, and editor support by library import. SugarJ extensions are scoped via the module system and multiple extensions compose if activated in the same scope. Since SugarJ allows flexible and principled domain abstraction, it is particularly well-suited for the embedding of domain-specific languages.

My general research interests include: extensible programming languages, domain-specific languages, language design, language tooling, declarative parsing methodologies, module systems, type systems, and static analysis.


I serve in the following committees: ASE 2016 (ERP), ECOOP 2016 (PC), SPLASH Posters 2016 (Chair), GPCE 2016 (PC), SLE 2015 (PC), DSLDI 2015 (Chair), WGP 2015 (Chair), Dagstuhl Seminar on DSLs 2015 (Chair), DSLDI 2014 (Chair), PLATEAU 2014 (PC), Parsing@SLE 2014 (Chair), DADA 2014 (PC), Onward 2014 (PC), GPCE 2014 (PC, PUB), LWC 2014 (PC), GPCE 2013 (PC), WCRE 2013 (tool demos), HessPL 2013 (Chair).